The tree of life is a universal archetype. It represents the union of heaven and earth and manifests wisdom, strength and connection. In Judaism, the seven-branched candlestick, the menorah, is a representation of the tree of life as a regenerative symbol.

This crystal waterfall activates the natural energy qi and balances it to promote harmony, happiness and prosperity in the home. Hang it near a window and whenever the sun shines, the crystal will reflect many rainbows off the walls. This fantasy is made with quality Swarovski crystals; it includes a transparent crystal pendant to get even more rainbows.

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Technical characteristics:

Swarovski® crystal and Austrian crystal. Chain and metal silhouette. 5 cm crystal almond. Fantasy metal of 5.5 cm and total length of 27 cm. Delivered with a bag of tule and a suction cup.



Crystal Fantasy Large The Tree of Life


    2018 à la Bonne Heure du Coeur