This beautiful waterfall featuring the highest quality Swarovski crystals activates and balances the natural energy of qi to promote harmony, happiness and prosperity in the home. Hang it near a window and whenever the sun shines, the crystals will reflect multiple rainbows off the walls of your bedroom or workplace.
Chakra is an ancient Sanskrit word which literally translates to “wheel”. These are the energy centers which condense, distribute and transform the vital energy in the body. Each colored crystal corresponds to one of the seven chakras and to a specific characteristic of the human being:
7º - Violet - Crown chakra - Spirituality
6º - Indigo - Third eye chakra - Perception
5º - Blue - Throat chakra - Expression
4th - Green - Heart Chakra - Love
3º - Yellow - Solar plexus chakra - Power
2º - Orange - Sacred Chakra - Sexuality
1º- Red - Root Chakra - Physical needs

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Technical characteristics:

Swarovski® crystal and metal chain. Height of crystals 10.5 cm, Sphere ø3 cm, total height 38 cm. Served with a sachet of tule and a suction cup.

Large Waterfall Crystal Chakras


    2018 à la Bonne Heure du Coeur