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The Spirit of OM

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The Spirit of OM | Quiberon | À la Bonne Heure du Cœur

Bioenergetic Wellness Clothing

 Feng Shui Ready to Wear

Ecological – Holistic – Energetic – Fair Trade

The Spirit of OM® clothing is a range of clothing and home products created in Bavaria  in southern Germany. Gerd and Ellen, the _cc781905-5cde -3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_ creators of the range, designed it 15 years ago according to a global bio-energetic view to  perfectly meet the requirement in this regarding ecology, materials, finishes, design and functionality. They envelop us with their subtle vibrations on a daily basis and can help revitalize us. 



Semi- Precious Stones

Thanks to our specially developed holistic Feng Shui process, the fabric is imbued from the beginning of the manufacturing process with the bio-energetic vibration active at the quantum level in a sustainable way. This effect due to memory semi-precious_cc781905-5cde -3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_stones, pink   quartz , tourmaline, and amethyst (depending on model) ; stays in the fiber and continues to work even after many washes and years of use.  People familiar with kinesiology can easily assess the strength  energy emanating from the clothes. Experience wellness and an improvement in your energy potential



The Spirit of OM® clothing is available in many models and colors  for women, men and teenagers. They are made from noble materials : superior quality cotton  hand-picked (from organic farming, GOTS certified), bamboo viscose and virgin wool pure . The entire manufacturing process, respectful of the environment, is guaranteed free of harmful substances and is part of a sustainable development approach. Our excellent cotton is grown in southern Europe around the Aegean Sea and processed directly on site. The work is carried out under conditions that meet high ethical and socially fair requirements.




Health, joy of life and well-being
  The objective of Feng Shui is to create a harmonious, healthy and stimulating environment in private and professional life. From Feng Shui  ready to wear they offer a whole new possibility of increasing the energy in the body and protecting the aura from polluting influences.
Our body has its own forces of protection and regeneration. This self-healing capacity of the body can be weakened by harmful influences such as electromagnetic pollution, emotional charges or mental disturbances. The Spirit of OM® garments help boost your protective forces by increasing your energy flow and aura through fine bio-energetic vibrations on a quantum level.